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High-definition plasma cutting

The Fabmec Group recently acquired a new high-definition plasma cutting robot. This new advanced-technology equipment allows us to automate many aspects of the preparation of our parts before welding. Depending on the complexity of the parts to be manufactured, this robot allows an increase of our production up to 80% with the same number of employees. It allows us to increase our production capacity, to win more contracts and thus secure our jobs and create new ones.


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Key points:

  • Offers robotic 6-axis cutting
  • Uses Hypertherm XPR300 high-definition plasma technology
  • Can cut all types of beams and profiles
  • Allows automation of manufacturing
  • Marks the parts to be assembled
  • Minimizes the amount of floor space required
  • Eliminates traditional manual cutting, chamfering, drilling and grinding treatments
  • Reduces handling and safety hazards and risks involved
  • Increases production capacity
  • Reduces production downtime
  • Improves repeatability and accuracy of parts
  • Eliminates several potential production errors at the source
  • Allows more contracts with the same number of employees