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Why work at FABMEC?

  1. Participate in a group insurance plan.
  2. Have opportunities for advancement.
  3. Participate in a pension plan.
  4. Receive an annual performance evaluation.
  5. To have fair remuneration and comprehensive and competitive working conditions.
  6. Be recognized for your contribution to achieving our common goals.
  7. Enjoy a work environment that values initiative, team spirit and autonomy.
  8. Participate in exciting projects that make a difference in your community.
  9. Have the opportunity to express your talents in a dynamic company.
  10. Evolve with passionate and motivated people.
  11. Work in a healthy and safe workplace.

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  1. Passion

    It pushes us to surpass ourselves and to face challenges while having fun. As we love what we do, we do it better.

  2. Innovation

    The innovative spirit of Fabmec Group’s employees allows us to accomplish the most impressive challenges while respecting project requirements.

  3. Efficiency

    We believe that efficient processes and a simple organizational structure are necessary to maintain our agility and ensure the competitiveness of the company.

  4. Respect

    Being and feeling respected allow our employees, customers and partners to feel valued and develop lasting and satisfying relationships with the company.

  5. Collaboration

    At Fabmec Group, the working atmosphere promotes teamwork, the contribution of each is important to the achievement of our objectives.

  6. Health and security

    We are all responsible for our health and safety. The company must provide a healthy and safe work environment. Our employees must participate by behaving responsibly. Nothing is more important than human life.

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I have been working for Fabmec for more than two years. During the first weeks, I noticed a big difference from my previous work environment.

I worked 7 years in engineering consulting before becoming an entrepreneur. The challenges are completely different. I love the much more practical side of my job. I do as much, if not more, design than before, but I have the chance to see projects come to fruition from beginning to end. I see and manage the entire process from the design phase to final delivery to the customer.

I have the chance to see my designs materialize in the workshop and then be installed on site.

Simon-Pierre Gauthier 
Civil Engineer/Project Manager